Vincent Finance

Me in a few words

A young French geek who is studying Japanese studies at university and wants to work in a tech company.

Who am I?

My name is, as you guessed, Vincent Finance. I’m 23 years old and I currently live in Lyon, in France (third biggest city after Paris and Marseille). I came here for studying, as I was born in a smaller region in the North East (near Switzerland). I’m studying Japanese at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 university, but I want to go to an IT engineering school to learn about networking and server management.

What did I study?

In high school, I was interested in sciences so I followed what we call a scientific general baccalaureat (equivalent of Abitur in Germany). In 2020, the whole system changed, but it’s still almost the same thing today in France. Since I wasn’t good in maths, my main subject was biology. Atfer high school, I decided to focus on something else and to choose a literary cursus at university. The main reason was because of two teachers who pissed me and showed me that you can teach science without being king and explaining things with strong arguments. So, I decided to study Japanese and follow a Japanese studies cursus at Lyon 3 university. Today, I have the equivalent of a Bachelor in Japanese studies (In France, we call it a Maîtrise).

What do I do during my free time?

Most of the time, I’m on my computer to do various things: write blog articles (mainly in French, sometimes in English or in Japanese), browse the fediverse, blogs and Wikipedia, watch YouTube videos (a lot actually), creating websites and programs and try new things. I use MacOS on my Mac Mini and on my MacBook Air (for studying) and Fedora GNU/Linux on my laptop.

I also have two servers at home and a VPS as a backup server. I run and manage a hosting platform with a mail server, a Nextcloud instance and some additional services. I’m a member of the CHATONS community, a French hosting community which try to promote alternatives to GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) services.

I became the main administrator of the French OpenBSD community’s server with the help of Stéphane Huc, Xavier Cartron and Solenne Rapenne. Our website is right here if you want to join us. We’ll welcome you with pleasure!

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