Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of this website?

This website has one purpose : to be a showcase. I only use it to show you all of the names I might use on the Internet, just to centralize them in one place. Also, it’s a good example to show my skills in HTML5 and CSS.

What license do you use for publishing?

I use a CC BY 4.0 license, so you can copy this website, edit it and republish it freely (you just need to credit me as the original author).

Is there any JavaScript or shiny new technology here?

No, I only use HTML5 and CSS. Nothing else.

Is this page optimized?

This webpage is optimized for mobiles, smartphones, tablets and everything else. Also, you can use any browser to navigate on it, even Kristall or Lagrange.

How to contact you?

There are several ways to contact me : you can use Freenode or (IRC servers) or Mastodon.

I want to ask you something more personal…

No problem, just send a message here.

Why a .xyz website?

Why not? It only costs me 1.20 Euros (~$1.45) on (during Black Friday).

Will you translate this page in French?

Non, je ne vais pas la traduire en français :)

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