linuxmario (or LinuxMario) is the first pseudonym I ever used on the Internet. I had no idea that it will become what it become today, since I had almost no inspiration when I decided to use it. It’s my main choice when I install a new operating system or when I get a new computer. I’m using since middle school (around 2011 to be exact).

The backstory behind it

To create linuxmario, I just took the two things I liked the most when I was young : Linux and Mario (from Nintendo games).
I used to play a lot to MarioKart on my Nintendo Wii and I started to look at the Mario universe when we got our first Internet connection in 2010. Later, I discovered Linux on Wikipedia and I wanted to test it on my computer, so I took an ISO image of Ubuntu and installed it. At this time, I wanted to create a server, but I didn’t have all of the skills and I was really impatient back then. The first time I wanted to post on a French forum (, the website asked me to choose a login and I had no idea at this moment. I thought for 2 minutes and I decided to create a login from these two things. That’s how I created this pseudonym.

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